We at Pumpkin Foundation School, believe that anything introduced to a child in its early learning years has to be carefully designed and delivered to ensure a holistic development. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we have structured our teaching programme to emphasis self-learning through exploration, practice, and repetition.


To achieve this, there are 3 main factors:

  1. Learning Aids
  2. The Right Environment
  3. The Facilitator


We have well-trained facilitators who know exactly when and how to gently and appropriately guide/instruct/help a child while he/she is exploring its environment and learning abilities. Our pedagogy is derived from various philosophies, taking the best that each has to offer, while making sure that the child is at the centre of it.


All concepts are introduced in the form of activities, with further presentations left at the child’s discretion to respect, practice, and consolidate the outcome on his/her own, with the teacher being the pillar in guiding him/her to achieve a meaningful learning outcome.

The Three Main Aspects for a perfect Teaching/Learning Pedagogy are:

1. Scientific Development

Learning aids exercise of practical life where children are given unique, yet, commonly seen materials for motor and cognitive development.

Sensorial material to enhance and develop at their senses.

Emotional and Social development through role-play

Literacy and Numeracy with well-designed and crafted learning aids

2. Environment

Child friendly

Catering to their developmental needs

Spacious, Comfortable, Modern



Spacious and large play area

Splash pool


Creative wall

Safe and Secure

3. Facilitator







We respect every toddler and child as an individual, and we aim to give them opportunities to explore and realise their potential in the development of academic, sporting, creative and social skills.