Montessori Technology

The basic fact is that students fail to learn because no one ever taught them how to learn,i.e. how to identify the barriers to learning and how to overcome those barriers.


What are these barriers to learning? The answer is found in Study Technology, developed by an Italian educator Maria Montessori. Study Technology or Study Tech,is not just another method of study. It allows a person to learn any subject successfully, empowering them to achieve the goals they have set in life for what they want to be and what they want to do.


Study Technology consists of tools and techniques teachers can use to improve the learning rates of students. These tools and techniques can be used by students themselves to improve their ability to understand and to use the materials they read and study. It remains vital for continued learning as one leaves school and faces the challenges of life.


At Pumpkin, we define successful learning and proficiency. Someone who learns a subject successfully should be able to use that subject to accomplish something. They should be able to accomplish it quickly, without error and with good judgment. These are the ingredients for success in life – in any field of endeavour.

Smart Classrooms-Interactive Whiteboards


It is a universal truth, when we learn through visuals, we grab the subject easily rather than just looking into the blackboard & listening.


Keeping this in mind, The Pumpkin is providing smart classroom technology and interactive whiteboards to the students, where information can be illustrated with the help of photos, maps, graphs, flowcharts and animated videos. This makes learning more attractive, interesting and easy to understand. It encourages the ability of students to learn and memorize the topic for a prolonged period of time.