Admission Procedure

Admission is open to all boys and girls irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Parents desirous of getting their children admitted should register by applying through the formal registration form. The following documents are to be provided at the time of registration:

A) Attested photocopy of the Birth Certificate procured from the Registrar Death & Birth.

B) Attested photocopy of SC/ST/OBC Certificate procured from the Corporation if applicable.

C) Two passport size photographs of the child.

D) Attested photocopy of the Report Card (Statement of Marks) and original Transfer Certificate of the previous school attended.

Registration does not guarantee admission. Admission will depend on the number of vacancies and shall be made strictly on the basis of merit.

Parents are requested to verify the date of birth of their wards at the time of admission. No change in the date of birth will be entertained later.

Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the school.

The admission of a child would imply the complete acceptance by the parents/guardians of all the school rules enforce or as amended for the term.

The school reserves the right of accepting or refusing admission of a child after having tested and declared eligible.

School Unniform

We encourage all students to wear a school uniform. We have a uniform that is smart, comfortable and practical. Please contact our Admissions Centre for further information

Please contact our Admissions Centre for the latest Fee structure.