At Pumpkin, we take pride in our endeavours to arm students with essential knowledge and skills for living, in particular the ability and confidence to study, understand and apply any subject whatsoever, using the technology of study – as discovered and delineated by educators so that they can successfully pursue whatever path they choose in life. You can read more about in the prospectus.


There’s something special about Pumpkin – visitors regularly comment on the distinctive atmosphere here, the uncommon bond which exists between students and teachers. The school has a particular ethos, a rare quality of its own, which has been kept alive over time by many people.


We are the one from a select number of schools to offer continuity in education from preschool to university entrance. Students of all faiths, cultures and nationalities, aged from 2 to 8 receive an all-round education for life and achieving excellent academic results. Boys and girls can join Pumpkin at any age and at any time of year and we are open to students from all cultural ethnic and religious backgrounds.


At Pumpkin, students are given the tools that allow them to feel really passionate about something whether it’s Number, Alphabets, Colors, Hands on activities, Art, Motor Skills or any other field of study. Applying these tools, they can become more than students: they have the potential to become practitioners and operators, leaders and guides in their chosen fields.


This results in individuals who gain far greater affinity with the world around them than they could expect to get elsewhere.


I hope that this prospectus will encourage you to join us and I look forward to answering any questions relating to your child’s educational development.



Balwinder Singh
City Coordinator CBSE/NTA
President of KSS